Talents and Flaws

http://www.deathquaker.org/gaming/meritsflaws.html This website has a list of possible Talents/Flaws. I can’t guarantee I’ll accept all of these or they would work the exact way it says, since I haven’t read them all, but it might give some more good ideas.

Talents are abilities or traits that you have which are better than average and are worth mentioning. Many of these will reflect aspects of your character, and with the exception of rare cases, they should not contradict your above skill points, but rather they should reflect them.
So for example, a person with low Deftness would not have the Talent Stealth—which increases their ability to sneak around quietly and move without being noticed, however a character with high comprehension might take the talent Scholar—increased ability to learn through the act of studying—or high perception might have Sharp eyes.
Because a talent is by nature above average, there are only three circles for each, slightly above average, excellent, and masterwork. You get 10 bubbles to spend in this, either 10 different talents or you can choose to double up in one skill. If you triple up in one skill, you have to have a really good reason why, talk to your dm first.
These talents focus your character and give definition to their skills. Below is a list of possible Talents to choose from, but if there is some other talent you would like, feel free to talk to the DM during creation. The list is not a limitation, but an idea generator.
It’s important to remember that these are a reflection of your character, so come up with background reasons why your character might have these talents.

Stealth (Deft)
Lockpicking (Deft)
Pathfinder— (Comp) find difficult to discover routes, and easier draw/hold mental maps of your surroundings.
Quick—(Deft/Sta) you run fast
Handsome/Beautiful (stu)
Persuasive—(Wits)—good at convincing others
Trustworthy—(Char)—people naturally trust you more
Perform: Singing/instrument playing/etc… (char/comp/Deft/stun)
Craft: metalworking/blacksmithing/weaving/etc etc (vigor/deft)
undetected—(-stun,deft) easily overlooked, goes unnoticed,
Sharp Eyes (per)
Sharp ears (per)
Sharp nose (per)
Hale—doesn’t become ill easily, poison
Resolved—increased will power in resolved discussions
Quick reflexes—responds more quickly than usual in surprising/chaotic/ hectic situations
Soothing—(Char, -vig) has a calming presence
Hearty – (Vig/stam) not easily dampened in conviction or spirits/ not easily tired out
Athletic –(vig/stam) generally better at athletics
Gymnastic – (deft + vig) good at contortion and gymnastic skills
Idol – (stun) people admire/envy you
Bluff (man/wit)
Distance – Can maintain a personal/emotional distance from what is going on around you to keep your head.
Friendly—(char/mani) easier makes friends
Strong – (vig) good at lifting things
Jumper—(vig/deft) good at jumping high or leaping wide
Altruist – (comp) good at judging the value of things
Discerning—(comp/wits & per/mani) Better able to discern the subtlies of the people/situations around you

Flaws are obviously brought into play to even out your character creation. Much in the way that your talents lined up with your strong Attributes, your flaws should line up with your weak ones. If you have low deftness, you might have the flaw butterfingers (you drop shit a lot), or if you have low perception you might have Spacy (frequently zone out and require things to be repeated). However you can also have a flaw in something you are strong in, if you like. You could be Vigorous but and Melancolic. You could be Charismatic but an Asshole.
If get one flaw from the start (I might up this to two later, we’ll see) but you can take extra flaws in order to get extra Talents. Like before, I’ll give you a list, feel free to deviate by talking to me, you’re favorite DM.

Melancolic (-vig)
Asshole (-chars/+man)
Asthma (-stam),
Honest (-mani) = you are compelled to always tell the truth
Succumb/Cave—low will power -2 willpower points

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Talents and Flaws

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