Traditions and Appearances

Character Creation

The world of men is currently divided into three basic camps, the Old Ways, the Religion of Seven and the Goddless.
The Old Ways area highly superstitious one, which to this day holds most strongly in rural areas and among the elders of the regions. In rural towns and isolated areas there are still large numbers of soothsayers and hearth witches, and the people of these villages are often seen carrying homemade amulets, and superstitions signs, symbols and items with them, hanging them in their own homes or over their fields. There are a great many stories and folklore told among these people, almost entirely oral storytelling. The people listen to their elders tell tales of pixies, brownies, and baby-stealing changelings. These tales serve as cautionary warnings and guidelines, and there are little or no actual rituals to perform. What gods there are varies from one village to the next and usually involves whatever natural resources are prevalent and necessary in the area. The gods of these people are mostly observed by the whimsy of the person, some claim them to interact with people, while others merely represent natural forces in life. Nature spirits. In any case they do not hold the kind of majesty or power that the later gods do.

The Religion of Seven, most strongly followed in the bigger cities, is one of strict religious practices given toward one of the gods, depending on the time of your birth. Each of the gods grant different favors and shines different lights onto one’s life. It is believed that those who most strictly adhere to the rites and worships can live up to and even overcome their predestined fate with the good will of the gods, but it is a rare occurrence. There is very little superstition in this religion compared to the Old Ways, and those who follow The Religion of Seven often look down on and mock the Old for their backward, foolish ways.
The Godless, often time young, troubled, undisciplined youths of the city who could never hope to win the favor of the gods and instead choose to reject them completely, likewise with some older men who, nearing the turn of their lives, see that there is no hope and so forsake it all.
Also in the rural areas and countryside, where the New Religion is not prevalent, some young people have turned away from their elder’s religion as silly child-scaring nonsense. This group is by far the minority, however.
The majority of people believe to at least some extent in one religion or the other, and most oftentimes in some part of both. In the agricultural towns surrounding big cities, it is not uncommon to find the alter of one or more family member’s gods, dressed with the proper herbs and jewelry, and to find totems hanging over their doorways and wards in the garden patches to keep away bad spirits.

When considering your appearance, don’t just do the generic. Really think of what your character looks like. Here are some things to consider:
Height______ Tall? Short? Average?
Weight_____ Fat? Skinny? Pot bellied? Athletic? Muscular?
Hair color_______Red? Brown? Honey? Blonde? Brown? Black?
Hair Length______ Crew cut? Short? Ducktail? Ponytail? Bald? Wig?
Hair Style_______Messy? Neat? Greasy? Well groomed? Hair sprayed? Straight? Thick? Wavy? Frizzed? Natural curls? Permed? Curls? Dreadlocks? Faux hawk? Spiked? Pig Tails?
Hair Texture__________ Course? Fine? Kinky?
Facial and body hair_________ Sideburns? Bangs? Beard? Mustache? Back hair? Arm hair? Nose hair?
Eye color________ Black? Blue? Green? Amber? Brown? Violet?
Eyes ___________ Too close together? Crossed? Lazy? Large? Popeyed? Bloodshot? Almond? Glasses?
Eyebrows_________ Full? Thick? Thin? Fair? Dark? Bushy? Wide spread? Connect in the middle? Pierced?
Skin color________Copper? Olive? Cocoa? Cappuccino? Ebony? Asian?
Skin_____________ Flabby? Wrinkled? Acne? Scaly? Soft? Shiny? Birthmark? Tattoos? Scars?
Ears __________ Small? Large? Stick out? Ear rings? Hairy?
Brow ___________ Broad? Small? Wrinkled? Furrowed?
Cheeks_______ Rosy? High bones? Hollowed out? Dimpled? Pimples?
Nose____________ Does it turn up? Is it broad? Flat? Skinny & straight? Hooked? Crooked? Nose rings?
Lips _____________Narrow? Full? Pale? Painted? Pierced?
Teeth___________Missing? Bucked? Yellow? Scummy? Straight? White? Gapped? Crooked? Rotted?
Chin_____________Does it jet out? Doubled? No chin? Square? Does it have a cleft?
Legs_______ Fat? Skinny? Long? Short? Bowed? Fat at the top? Dimpled? Knock knees?
Hips_______ Round? Bony? Tight? Fat? Flabby? Wiggly?
Stomach________ Flat? Flabby? Rolls? Pudgy? Protruding? Jiggles?
Chest ________ Flat? Muscular? Large? Hairy?
Distinguishing Marks____________ Markings? Scars? Piercings? Tattoos? Unusually large forehead?
Voice____________ Quiet? Too loud? Raspy? Silky? Baritone? Tenor? Soprano?

Usual Walking Style___________Slumpy? Strutting? Short or wide strides? Skipping?
Nervous Habits____________nail bitting? lip chewing? Finger twisting? Snapping? Grunting? Sweating?
What type of clothes/shoes/accessories does he/she wear?
Shape of face ___________Round? Square? Flat? Heart shaped? Squat?
Cleft in chin? Widow’s Peak? Thor Thumbs? Can you clover your tongue (that’d be part of deftness)? Wiggle your ears? Raise your eyebrow?
Hairline_____High? Low? Receding? Widow’s Peak?

Traditions and Appearances

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